13 Healthy Kick-Off The New Year Recipes


It’s the New Year!! Though I don’t believe in the new me kind of thinking this time of year, I do believe in making healthier eating choices. In case you didn’t know, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. With that in mind, let’s develop new healthy eating habits starting now! Below are 13 delicious and healthier food options to get you through this month. I find that adding lots of veggies and fruits to my recipes instantly makes them “healthier”, along with poultry / seafood. Let me know if you agree.

From soups, salads, dips, and sandwiches, these healthy choices will not only be filling but also low-calorie. If you want to go all vegetarian – the brussels salad and veggie stuffed sweet potatoes are the way to go. For those craving some “meat” the salmon burgers or chicken gyros are great choices.

For those craving something sweet – smoothies and smoothie/pitaya bowls are the best to have. You can always resort to fruits snacks as well throughout the day. My favorite is Basil Infused Berries with Lemon Cream. Yum!

Tips for a healthier you:

A healthy diet often begins at the supermarket. Cut back on sugary foods and red meats more so than fat. Increase your whole grains, lean proteins and produce. Stay away from overly processed foods (those middle aisles at the market are NOT on your side!).

Cutout sodas and other sugary beverages (sugar increases the risk of cancer and heart disease). Be mindful of alcohol and coffee consumption. Red wine and coffee, enjoyed conservatively, are good for the heart, but you should stay away from sugar-filled coffee drinks and cocktails. Make soda water and lime your go-to for cocktail mixers!

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