The 10 Best Cuban "Street Food" Recipes


When you think of Cuban Food, I don’t know about you but I think about the Cuban Street Food that my parents used to say they would eat when they were young in Cuba; the Pastelitos de Guayaba and Papas Rellenas that they would buy from the bakery. I also think of the Masitas de Puerco and Yuca Frita that my parents would buy from the street vendors. In Cuba, this was a way of life.

These days, you can still visit the Cuban bakeries in Calle 8 and get your Pastelitos, but you have to order food the Tostones con Camarones or Yuca Fries from Pollo Tropical, to be able to taste this food. Funny how traditional recipes never go out of style, they just evolve in how they are sold.

To save you some time, next time you are craving some of this delicious Street Food, I’ve compiled my list of 10 Best Cuban Street Food Recipes! Trust me, you must try these recipes and they taste better when they are homemade! If you want step by step video instructions, you can always visit my YouTube Channel and try one of the Cuban recipes included there too, like this Flan de Coco. Enjoy!

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