How Picadillo, A Simple Cuban Dish, Inspired Me To Cook


Often times I get asked by my friends and peers “what drove me to become a Chef?” “Who or what influenced me to pursue this career that I adore and am extremely passionate about?” When I think of a what inspired me to cook, Picadillo immediately pops up in my mind. This Cuban staple, is non-impressive, simple to make, and known as peasants food or poor mans’ dish. Probably the one dish I shouldn’t be referring to, but it’s the one dish that I can remember that inspired me to learn to cook and become the Chef I am today!

My parent’s fled Fidel Castro’s Communist regime back in 1959. They arrived to this country with nothing and started from the ground up. My dad was a commercial pilot in Cuba and drove a cab his first few years in this country and mom worked in a beauty salon waxing eyebrows with zero experience! Growing up, I remember listening to stories of how they had to struggle to put food on the table and they did what they had to, to make ends-meet.

This saucy beef with briny olives, fried little potatoes, and sweet raisins always came to the rescue weekly! My mom would make a huge pot, serve with white fluffy rice, sweet plantains, sometimes she would add fried eggs (if feeding a crowd) and occasionally even added an avocado salad (if it was a good pay check!). Picadillo fed our family, and sometimes even our neighbors while I was growing up. It’s the first recipe I ever learned how to make for my own family, and to this day, this is my go-to, and my grown children’s absolute all-time favorite Cuban dish! Every Cuban has their own version of this classic dish but I think there is one thing that we can all agree on- it is nothing less than delicious!

To learn how to make my delicious Cuban Picadillo, see recipe and instructions.

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