Your Very Own Pantry Makeover


A picture of some food on top of a table.

“A place for everything, everything in its place”. We don’t know who authored this, but we’re betting it was a parent (and likely a mom!). 

After remodeling my kitchen and getting a mammoth-sized fridge, I was left with a tiny pantry. I tossed everything into that tiny space without a second thought. Soon I discovered the HOT MESS it had become and how the disorganization rendered me incapable of getting meals made and tasks completed.  I needed an organization intervention!

Check out these tips to get organized and give your own pantry a makeover that will simplify meal prep and turn you into the kitchen diva of your dreams:

Prepare It.

A picture of some food on top of a table.Buy clear containers for flour, cereals, grains, pasta, cookies, crackers, sugar, etc. The clear containers offer an instant visual of amounts on hand so you have an easy read on when it’s time to stock up.

Invest in a Lazy Susan for spices, oils, salts.It makes the most of a tiny space.

Purchase different sized baskets if additional storage is needed for overflow.

Arrange It.

A picture of some food on top of a table.Take out all pantry belongings (EVERYTHING) and place them on the kitchen counter. Take inventory. 

Discard products that are reasonably past expiration dates and those products that haven’t been used in 6+ months.

Put like items together. (Example: snacks on one shelf, grains on another, etc.)

Transfer dry goods into storage containers as soon as you get home from the grocery store. This will keep your food fresh longer and your pantry looking neat and tidy.

Keep It.

Keep a jar in the pantry with chip clips. You’ll know exactly where to find one when you need it.

Label everything! I prefer chalk labels because they’re easy to change and excellent for preventing cooking mishaps (which flour is for bread and which is all-purpose?)

A picture of some food on top of a table.Think beyond the pantry, especially if your pantry is small. Keep some pantry items on your kitchen counter, like cereals in big glass jars; dried fruit, nuts, and some small snacks on a tray; spices can be beautifully arranged on open wall shelves.

Remember: Your pantry is not the kitchen’s junk closet. When you keep it organized, you keep it functional.

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