Top Tips for Minimizing Stress In 2023


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when our lives are packed with professional, personal and family obligations.  And the cell phone we grip so tightly isn’t making things any less complicated, as we’re expected to be constantly available to respond to emails, texts, invites and phone calls.  All this noise doesn’t mean we have to live with an undercurrent of stress. Here at The Mad Table, we’re offering small changes that can make a big impact on keeping you stress-resilient, focused and healthy:

Get Healthy

With your doctor’s approval, begin exercising or maintain an exercise regimen.

Attend wellness retreats to align your mind, body and soul.

Take note of your food choices. Do they give you energy or are they depleting it?

Make self-care a priority. Try activities that increase your tranquil time: reading, meditation, stretching, yoga, even a bubble bath.

Assess Your Tech

Clean-up your computer, phone and other devices. If possible and within reason, delete contacts and correspondence that don’t bring you joy.

Unfollow or hide social media accounts that are negative or cause stress or unhappiness.  Consider removing yourself or taking a break from social media platforms. 

Download apps that better your life. For example, try apps that help you practice mindfulness, track fitness goals, better connect with loved ones or help you learn a new skill.

Commit to unplug – daily – at a certain time, thus allowing focus on family, friends, self-care.  Also, commit to unplugging on holidays.  Advise your employer/colleagues/friends/family of these new life rules.  Creating boundaries will allow you to fully engage in your off time. 

De-clutter Your Life

Clean out your closet! Donate all those items you haven’t worn in a year and any pieces that don’t fit.

Fix what is broken in your life – from items to relationships. Set a realistic time frame to work on reparations or learn to let go of things that you can’t or don’t want to repair.

Make better use of your time. Eliminate tasks or activities that take up precious waking hours, yet provide little benefit. Instead, use your time wisely and focus on those people and activities that bring you joy. Other great ideas include taking up a new hobby, perusing local bookstores or focusing on fitness or mindfulness goals.

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