The Mad Table Culinary Camp


The Mad Table Culinary Camp for kids (6-11) and teens (12-15) resumes June 13th for the Summer 2022 season, and I can’t tell you just how excited I am to be hosting it for another year. It’s funny how fast time passes by, just last year I was reminiscing about the pandemic and now we are back to some normalcy with the kids this year!

A picture of some food on top of a table.

For those that are new to The Mad Table Culinary Camp origin story; I started my camp 5 years ago because, as Home Economics teacher, I could see the huge need for the kids to have an enrichment program to go to during the summer. I know when I was younger I looked forward to learning something new during my summer breaks and I wanted to facilitate that need in others!

I also, love when the parents send me pictures of their kids making at home the recipes they learned in camp or when they anxiously await for me to share Instagram stories of their kids cooking in one of their classes. I know it makes every parent proud to see their children partaking in these valuable lifelong classes. Let’s be real, who doesn’t take pleasure in cooking a delicious meal for their family or friends. Sharing the joy of cooking is something we can all relate to.

My Culinary Camps runs in the summer and I alternate the weekday classes between the younger and older kids. My format is very flexible and varies in both sets of classes. In my younger kids (ages 6-11) classes, we normally cook, have a mini dance party and eat!!! The younger kids also need breaks in between tasks and they want to play and chat much more than the older kids. In the older kids (ages 12-15) classes, they cook much quicker, use sharper knives (with supervision) and appreciate making certain recipes a little more! They are also more focused in eating what they cook asap!!

Registration for the camp has begun already. Hurry up and register today before the spots fill out!! As always stay tuned to my blogs / events announcements / social media channels for more announcements on future culinary classes and news! Also stay tuned for my weekly blogs where I share many more tips, ideas and recipes and many topics including cooking. 🙂