New Year’s Resolutions, The Mad Table Style


New Year, New You?! At The Mad Table, we’re all about setting goals to become the best version of you. (Here’s looking at you, New Year’s resolutions!) Even if you’ve already had to reset your resolutions since the first of the month, we want to encourage you to keep on keeping on. See how we’re swingin’ into 2019 at The Mad Table…

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep training isn’t just for babies! Develop a sleep routine so you can start each day fully charged. Getting enough rest isn’t just about going to bed earlier. The quality of your sleep is important, and better sleep often comes with tuning out your worries and problems, setting aside family and kids’ issues (at least for a while) and disconnecting from your tech. Disengage from your phone, iPad and TV at least an hour before bedtime. Who needs the glare, the gossip and the chance of your iPad smacking you in the face as you lay in bed with it anyway?

Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet often begins at the supermarket. Cut back on sugary foods and red meats more so than fat. Increase your whole grains, lean proteins and produce. Stay away from overly processed foods (those middle aisles at the market are NOT on your side!).

Cutout sodas and other sugary beverages (sugar increases the risk of cancer and heart disease). Be mindful of alcohol and coffee consumption.  Red wine and coffee, enjoyed conservatively, are good for the heart, but you should stay away from sugar-filled coffee drinks and cocktails.  Make soda water and lime your go-to for cocktail mixers!

Make exercise fun and find a partner, if you can! You’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you enjoy it and having a partner to motivate you will keep you legit and will (hopefully) talk you out of your excuses not to exercise. Here at The Mad Table, we’re shooting for a much-improved yoga practice! J


You can’t pour from an empty vessel! Take regularly scheduled breaks to preserve your energy.  Go for a walk, read or meditate.

Focus on joy! Do things that make you happy and surround yourself with the people who make you happy. Have a dinner party. Start a family workout. Hold a friends and family game night. 

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