Romantic Dinners You Can Prepare At Home


They say home is where the heart is. I’m here to tell you that every now and then, that heart needs a little romance. Grand, romantic gestures are nice, but sometimes, the most memorable, romantic moments happen in your very own abode. Here are our top tips for putting together a dinner at home that allow you and your partner to connect.

Make it Fun

Make Memories

Do your own photo shoot!  If you’re going to set the mood and create a romantic atmosphere, make some fun and flirty memories. Get creative! Use every room in the house and develop a different theme for each – think romantic movies, recreate first dates, revisit magical moments and your wedding day.

Get Playful

Make it a game night or create something extra special just for the two of you. There are plenty of adult games available at specialty stores or online that can be used to spark interesting conversation or activities that promote emotional and physical connection.

Make fun cocktails together or organize a wine tasting with new, innovative wines from around the world.

Take out old photo albums and relive those special moments.

Make it Together

Create a New Food Memory

Make a fabulous meal together using a menu from another culture. It will be a new, romantic experience that you’ll remember each time those flavors hit your palate in the future. Some personal favorites:  Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian) or a paella and sangria pairing (Spain).

Fondue Night

If you have a fondue maker, use it to create delicious, traditional cheese fondue paired with beautiful, colorful veggies, bread and potatoes.  Or decadent chocolate blends served with fresh, juicy fruit slices and gorgeous cookies and cracker bites. 

No fondue maker? No problem! Melt chocolate and/or cheese blends in a slow cooker or double boiler and pair them with yummy sides. 

Breakfast in Bed (at night)

This isn’t the time to break out your biggest flapjacks and home fries. Think mini bites.  Feed each other breakfast delights – mini quiche, tiny muffins, fruit slices, breakfast skewers, warm oatmeal bars and more. Serve champagne with fresh strawberries. A romantic dinner could be just the cure if your relationship is suffering from the “been there/done that” syndrome or the “too busy” blues.

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