Holiday DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Part 1


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The music, lights, festivities, and spirit of giving make for a magical atmosphere. One of the things I enjoy most about the holiday season is the giving part! Gift-giving doesn’t have to be about buying the most expensive gift. No way! It’s about showing gratitude for someone in your life. Capture the spirit of the holidays by creating gifts and treats laced with love and your own personal touch. 

 Here are a few of my DIY holiday suggestions that I think you’ll love:


I’m not a fan of shopping malls (thank goodness for online shopping), but I’m head over heels in love with wrapping presents! My favorite way to wrap is with craft or solid white paper, twine, a small wood ornament, some sort of natural element (twig, pine or eucalyptus) and a simple gift tag.

This is one creative way to gift wrap your wine bottles courtesy of @santamargheritausa:

You can also ditch the paper completely and wrap gifts in fabric, burlap bags, or even cellophane bags! Always take the size, shape, and weight of the gift into consideration. Cellophane bags are perfect for chocolate bark gifts.

Presentation is everything! If it’s the thought that counts, gift wrap embellishments show that you put thought and consideration into your gift. Here are a few nice little touches that will make your gift special:

Glitter clothespins

Crinkle Paper
Christmas Ornaments

You can also “gift wrap” books or spices with Seasonal Pine / Twigs and add a Personalized/ Printable Gift Tag.

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