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About Chef Patty

Chef Patty is the creator of The Mad Table. She is a culinary instructor, private chef, recipe and menu developer, and food stylist. Her mission is to inspire people to fall in love with food through workshops, classes, and interactive dinners. All while sharing ways to eat healthy without compromising flavor.

Prior to her culinary career she was a Home Economics teacher that taught middle and high school students. Her curriculum consisted of safety and sanitation, cooking techniques, basic nutrition, recipe development, and more. Chef Patty has formal culinary training and is ServSafe certified. 

As a private chef and culinary instructor she has done numerous live food demonstrations in her private and group cooking classes as well as many in our local community. This includes but is not limited to:

◠The Children’s Trust
◠Baptist Health Breast Cancer Sip and Sauté Interactive Dinner
â— Coconut Grove Art Festival
â— Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Home Design & Remodeling Show
â— Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
â— Miami Book Fair International
â— MDC Dinner for World-Renowned Spanish Chef Juan Mari Arzak
â— Miele Experience Center

She has also been a guest Chef at the James Beard House Foundation in New York City and has lead a Recipe and Menu Development project for Subway Corporation.

Some of her most popular food styling projects include: â— Food Network â— Bacardi Limited â— Landmark Theatre

Chef Patty now serves as secretary on the board of Les Dames d’Escoffier’s South Florida Chapter, a professional society for women in culinary, hospitality, and wine industries.

Teaching Philosophy

Whether you’re trying to cook dinner for your family or planning a dinner party for 50, we want to help you put together the best experience for each occasion. True cooking allows for all kinds of exceptions. We are not restaurateurs, nor should we be; that’s what restaurants are for! Our love for offering memorable experiences is what makes us unique, and we believe it’s where our skills and talents are at their best, combining great food with a comfortable and beautiful ambience.

We believe in elevating the basic act of eating to something greater. Memories are created when the eyes feast too! It all sounds a little crazy, and that’s how The Mad Table was born!