The Mad Table’s Kids Culinary Summer Camp and Other Fun Activities


Ah, summertime and the livin’ is easy.  That is, unless you have small children.  If your house is crowded with kids, you’re familiar with the constant refrain “What are we doing today?” 

At The Mad Table, we’re here to help (and alleviate the stress of having to sort out a new activity for each day).  Read on to see our Culinary Camp Schedule for Summer 2018 and other ideas for kid-friendly summer fun!

Campers Ages 5 – 6

June 11 – 15, Junior Chef Camp, 10am – 12:30pm, daily

July 9 – 13, Junior Chef Camp, 10am – 12:30pm, daily

Campers Ages 7 – 10

June 18 – 22, Cooking Camp, 10am – 2pm, daily

July 16 – 20, Baking Camp, 10am – 2pm, daily

Campers Ages 11 – 15

June 25 – 29, Cooking Camp, 10am – 2pm, daily

July 23 – 27, Baking Camp, 10am – 2pm, daily


Here’s a “Taste” of What the Children Learn:

Cooking techniques

Knife skills

How to measure ingredients

How to follow recipes

Plating + Presentation

Proper use of kitchen tools and equipment

Proper table etiquette

Proper table setting


Benefits for Parents:

Kids learn to set the table every day with real plates and glasses

Children learn proper table etiquette

Daily formal lunch to practice etiquette skills and to enjoy what was cooked that day

Children expand their palettes

Friendships are built while learning a new skill

Take a peek at a typical week in The Mad Table’s Culinary Camp (this particular week designed for “Cooking Camp” as opposed to “Baking Camp”). 

Monday: Breakfast Ideas and Prep

Pancakes, frittata, smoothie, mixed potato hash, homemade aioli


Tuesday: Lunch Ideas and Prep

Pork gyoza w/ dipping sauce, veggie fried rice, honey chicken


Wednesday: Appetizers

Spinach dip, Hawaiian sandwiches, popcorn chicken w/ ranch sauce


Thursday: Dinner Ideas and Prep

Chicken piccata, polenta, brocollini, picadillo


Friday: Competition Day

Mystery Basket


Another great idea for summer cooking fun: family cooking projects

Take advantage of the long summer evenings when everyone is more relaxed. Have the kids make both food and memories in the kitchen by preparing one of the recipes learned in The Mad Table’s Culinary Camp. Invite family and/or friends over and make the meal even more special.

But not all kids are cool for the kitchen.  For those children who enjoy other outlets for their minds and bodies, consider these ideas:

-Family Book Club – each week/month, pick a new book to read together and discuss

-Family Movie Club – summer’s long afternoons and evenings make the perfect time to discover old classics, movies recently missed or traditional favorites

-Family Game Night – we love playing Monopoly with kids during summer and those extra-large puzzles with tons of pieces can provide endless days of entertainment

-Community Parks

-Pottery Barn weekly story time

-Beach daze

-Swimming – some local pools offer free swim days

-Public Library – events and reading time

-Take kids to Barnes & Nobles or even Starbucks to clock some of their summer reading. A change of environment is often quite motivating and also serves to break up the routine.

-There are various, citywide locations that offer free activities on certain days and times. Check out your local favorites for bowling, roller-skating, ice-skating, movies, museums,

-Sports-specific and interest-specific camps abound.  There’s something for everyone – from swimming, soccer, tennis and basketball to dance, ballet, gymnastics, theatre, band, choir, arts and crafts and sewing.  If there’s an activity, there’s likely a camp for it!  Find out more at your local community center, JCC, YMCA or YWCA. Your local schools, churches and temples always have a summer calendar for kids. 

Regardless of your kids’ activities during the summer months, find a way to enjoy things together.  As we all know, the days when our children want to be with us are fleeting. 

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