8 Cinco de Mayo + Mother's Day Quick Recipe Ideas!


It’s that time of year again! Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day celebration time! To help you prepare, here are 8 quick, easy and delicious recipe ideas to help you prepare for your festivities.

To start off you can serve this delicious Tater Tot Casserole as a brunch / appetizer option. Or you can go all Mexican style and serve my delicious and rich Green Chicken Enchiladas!

As a main course meal I would suggest two options, my Carnitas Tostadas or my Roasted Herby Shrimp, Feta, Tomatoes + Olives with Orzo + Couscous. Depending on your guests appetites you want to have a light and heavy option for them to choose from.

Crispy Carnitas Tostadas

No Mother’s Day celebration can lack a sweet and yummy dessert to compliment with the spicy, mexican flavors in the menu. Of course, if you are celebrating Mexican style, a Churros Smoothie is in order! Or you are planning on going more traditional, then a S’more Pie will go perfectly!

Lastly, no Mother’s Day or Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without a Strawberry Daiquiri or Margaritas!

If you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for next months blog with new recipe ideas The Mad Table style!